When you plan to go to Oktoberfest in Munich, traditionally men wear lederhosen and women wear dirndl dresses, there are many reasons you might not want to wear traditional oktoberfest clothing like a German dirndl, women's lederhosen or men's lederhosen for an event. Maybe your authentic dirndl is too tight or too loose and you haven’t had a chance to get it altered. Maybe you feel like at this particular fest you might be the only one in a dirndl and that idea makes you uncomfortable. Maybe your simply not feelin' it or maybe you don’t have a perfect dirndl or any traditional clothing (yet). 

Whatever your reason is, there is no Oktoberfest dress code and you do not have to wear traditional bavarian attire! If you're more comfortable, you can wear "regular clothes." 

Still not sure what to wear to oktoberfest? I have 3 ways that you can “Germanize” your oktoberfest attire to be ready for the fest even if you don’t feel like wearing your dirndl. 

#1 – Jazz it up with Jewelry!  

man and woman smiling and wearing oktoberfest clothing. Woman is wearing a purple dress with oktoberfest jewelry and man is wearing a white short with purple and pink bow tie

Jewelry is a super easy way to take basic outfit and make it look great! Beer stein earrings (perfect for the beer gardens, beer halls, and beer tents!) and an Oktoberfest themed necklace with your jeans and t-shirt can take the outfit from plain and simple to fest ready!  

#2 – Put a Hat On It  

woman wearing a traditional bavarian dress and an alpine hat with a feather attached

A hat is a great way to show off your heritage at an event without going "all out" and wearing a traditional dirndl dress for oktoberfest. A wool or straw hat with pins, feathers, flowers and other accouterments is a fun and practical was to dress up any outfit. Plus, then you don't have to worry about your hair! If you're not a hat person, you could also wear a flower crown! 

#3 – A Sweater or Vest  

woman wearing a leather vest over an orange t shirt
woman wearing a leather vest over an orange t shirt as an example of an alternative women's oktoberfest outfit

Although a little bit harder to come by, if you want to get the Oktoberfest vibes without wearing a dirndl a German-inspired sweater or vest is a stellar way to make your plain outfit into a German one.

Wearing traditional bavarian outfits when you go to Oktoberfest in Munich can be fun, but if you're don't want to I hope one of these ideas are a great alternative! Do you have any other ideas? What do you like to add to your traditional oktoberfest outfit? Do you have any go-to pieces that you like to wear? Share your ideas in the comments.

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September 27, 2016 — Erika Neumayer

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