Dirndl Do's and Don'ts: What Bra to Wear with Your Dirndl | Rare Dirndl
Dirndl Do's and Don'ts: What Bra to Wear with Your Dirndl

Dirndl Do's and Don'ts: What Bra to Wear with Your Dirndl

There is a pretty important "Dirndl Do" that's related to a part of the body that people quickly associate with dirndls; the boobs! Here is a video to demonstrate the importance of a good dirndl bra as opposed to my big "Dirndl Don't", a sports bra!

If you're dancing with your dance group, and you have a really big boobs, then you're going to want to wear a sports bra. You don't want them bouncing all over the place. I have no real experience with this, but I do have friends that say they do wear sports bras when they perform with their dance group.

However, when you’re just wearing your dirndl to look fantastic, you also want your boobs to look fantastic and that's when I recommend a dirndl bra. It doesn't need to be a super humongous padded bra (like mine), but it does need to provide the right shape and the right size that you're looking for. I have asked some of my big busted friends and they all say that they always wear either a slightly padded or a pushup bra because last thing you want is a uni-boob.

So don’t wear sports bra, do wear a dirndl bra or a push up bra and if you have any suggestions, tips or tricks regarding which bra you like to wear with your dirndl, put them in the comments!

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