Recently one of my clients, Cathy, asked a great question in our Facebook Group. She posted, “How does everybody store the apron of their Dirndls?”

The amazing community shared their ways of storing their dirndl aprons and the same 5 ways kept popping up!







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 Here are the most popular ways to store an apron from your dirndl:

🥨 Clip on a skirt hanger
🥨 Drape over the front like a reverse cape
🥨 Tie in a bow and hang it in the back
🥨 Fold and tuck it in to the bodice
🥨 Fold and keep it in a drawer or container

Here in the studio we go with the skirt hanger. Sometimes clipping multiple aprons to one hanger.

Do you have another way of storing your apron? We’d love to hear more creative ways!

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July 01, 2021 — Erika Neumayer

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