Woman wearing a dirndl dress with light blue dirndl apron, tan bow tied around her waist and dark blue mid length dirndl skirt

Recently one of my clients, Cathy, asked a great question in our Facebook Group. She posted, “How does everybody store the apron of their dirndl dress?”

The amazing community shared their ways of storing their traditional dirndl aprons and the same 5 ways kept popping up!







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Here are the most popular ways to store your dirndl apron:

🥨 Clip your dirndl apron onto a skirt hanger
🥨 Drape over the front like a reverse cape
🥨 Tie in a bow and hang your dirndl apron in the back
🥨 Fold and tuck your dirndl apron in to the bodice of your dirndl dress
🥨 Fold and keep your dirndl apron in a drawer or container

Here in the studio we hang our dirndl aprons with the skirt hanger. Sometimes clipping multiple dirndl aprons to one hanger.

Do you have another way of storing your dirndl apron? We’d love to hear more creative ways!

Woman in a dirndl dress with light blue color dirndl apron, bow tied on left side, and dark blue mid length dirndl skirt

Whether the fabric is silk or cotton, a traditional dirndl apron can be oh, so eye catching so it's important to store it correctly so it stays in great condition! You don't want to leave it in a crumpled up mess after Oktoberfest. Take the time to clean it, fold it, and put it away nicely. Not sure how to clean your dirndl or apron? Take a look at this blog for my tips on how to clean your dirndl after Oktoberfest.

Did you know that how you tie your dirndl apron bow indicates your relationship status? Is it on the right side or the left side? Is your bow in the middle? This can indicate if you are taken, married, or single and ready to mingle! Learn more today!

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July 01, 2021 — Erika Neumayer

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