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What NOT to wear to Oktoberfest

What NOT to wear to Oktoberfest

“Is there anything I should NOT wear to Oktoberfest? I don’t want to stand out as ‘THaT American’”. When folks ask me this question, I always have one answer… 

Whatever you do, DO NOT wear a garbage costume from party city, amazon etc. This will definitely make you stand out, and most likely get you on a worst dressed list for a local Bavarian newspaper. 

I LOVE seeing how people bring in their own personal styles to their dirndls. Wearing your favorite sneakers, having a traditional African print bodice, or wearing a leather jacket will not make you stand out in a bad way. It shows variety, personality and diversity among those at the event. No two people are the same, so why should your dirndl styling? 

But, that being said, if you show up in a dirndl that costs less than your boots… you may want to re-think that choice. Here are a few more things to avoid:

  • Thigh high tights
  • Anything labeled as “beer wench” 
  • Teeny tiny hats 
  • Skirts that are not longer than your fingertips
  • Excessive amounts of cleavage

The same goes for Lederhosen. Lederhosen literally translates to Leather Pants. So, if they’re not made of leather, spoiler alert… they're not lederhosen. We recommend Ernst Licht for Lederhosen in the US


@raredirndl When people ask me what will make them stand out at Oktoberfest… 🤮#nocostumes #dirndl #dirndlliebe #greenscreen ♬ A work of art by s_johnson_voiceovers - Stefan Johnson

 Are you planning a trip to Oktoberfest? You might want to check out our friend Ashley Smith who offers Personalized Oktoberfest Planning! 

Have more questions about what to wear to Oktoberfest? Put them in the comments below!  

Ever wonder which dirndl style you are? Click here to take our quiz and find out now! 



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Erika Neumayer

What advice would you give on shoes? I’m partial to flats or Docs.

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