The summer is full of sunshine, warm weather and German Festivals galore! Before you get dressed in your dirndl, here is the quick, must have list to get the most out of whichever fest you are going to!

group of women in dirndl and lederhosen smiling and stading together ar German Fest in Milwaukee

1. Hydrate 

Bring a bottle of water with you or a bottle that you can refill! I wish good German beer was as hydrating as the good ol' wasser, but it's not [sad face]. So to get the most out of the weekend, be sure to keep yourself hydrated!

woman with short hair wearing a black and blue dirndl with black dirndl blouse at oktoberfest

2. Sunscreen 

You know what's not cute on Monday morning at work... a wicked dirndl blouse burn! Be sure to slather up before you get dressed so you don't miss any spots and then you won't have a sweetheart neckline for the rest of the week.

3. Comfortable shoes 

I know those new mary-jane heels look adorable with your dirndl, but if you are spending a whole day at a fest, I would go for the comfortable flats. Also, if you know your going to be on the grass... prepare to walk on uneven ground. You don't want to sink in and aerate the grass.

couple in munich wearing dirndl and lederhosen

4. Check the weather 

If you know there is a good chance of rain you may want to wear your cute rain boots with your dirndl. Don't have rain boots... maybe now is the time to get some ;-)

girl wearing a purple dirndl, floral dirndl apron, and blouse with her dog under an umbrella

5. The right purse

If you are going to be in big crowds, be sure to have a purse that zips closed and that you can keep a close eye on to avoid any pick-pocketers. If you are going to be doing a lot of dancing, I recommend something along the lines of fanny pack, but a cross body bag also works. If you are going with kiddos, maybe a cute backpack.

image of a black dirndl with floral apron and an apron purse attached

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May 26, 2015 — Erika Neumayer

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