As seasons change, sometimes our bodies change too. It's only natural. But what happens when you plan for Oktoberfest or another German festival, or you want to wear your favorite dirndl to a picnic and it doesn't fit! 

hand at a sewing machine making alterations to a dirndl

Sizing surprises are never fun and whether it's too loose or too tight, you only have two options:

1. To replace the piece 

2. Alter it! 


Luckily, most dirndl dresses (including all Rare Dirndls) are easy to alter.

Altering a dirndl can be an easy and affordable way to make sure that it fits you perfectly. And don't worry, you don't need to be a designer or a master at the sewing machine to alter your dirndl to being the perfect size! 

Most dirndls have extra fabric in the bodice, hemline, and sleeves which makes it relatively simple for experienced seamstresses or tailors (or YOU!) to adjust the dress according to your needs.

For example, if your dirndl is too long, it’s easy to shorten it by removing the desired amount of fabric from both the bodice and hemline.

Don't make it too short though -- you still want to be able to dance in it all night long without fear of flashing anyone! 

Additionally, if your dirndl is too tight or loose in certain areas, a tailor can take the dress in or out as needed.

With just a few simple alterations, you can make sure that your dirndl fits you snugly and looks amazing for your summer picnic or German festival.

dirndl blouse too small
example of dirndl dress that is too big
Here are a few steps that you can follow to help loosen, tighten or shorten your dirndl!

Step 1

The first step to altering you dirndl is to open up the side seam and the area around the seam that connects the skirt and the waist.
You can do this with either a seam ripper or small, sharp scissors. These are usually the only seams that need to be altered.
dirndl outfit alterations

Step 2

Sew up the side seam to make it either bigger or smaller, whichever you need.
It's easy, if you need your dirndl smaller, sew towards the center of the dirndl. If you need your dirndl bigger, sew towards the edge of the seam.
If you need to take just the bust in (like I normally need to), start by sewing it in and then gradually meet the seam at the waist.
dirndl outfit alterations

Step 3

Re-pleat the skirt so it fits the new waist size. Make sure the pleat is going in the same direction as the others.
Then close up the seam by sewing over the existing seam, over your open area (1/2in seam allowance) and then reconnecting with the other side.
dirndl outfit alterations

Step 4

Last but not least, you’ll want to press your new side seam open to make it look professional and hand stitch the top edges of the side seams open.
dirndl outfit alterations

Tada! Nothing's better than great fitting dirndls with firm bodices.

Don't have a sewing machine or simply don't want to sew, no problem! Since it's a relatively easy fix, any dry cleaner who employs a professional tailor or seamstress can alter your dirndl for you. But now you know how... juuust in case!  
dirndl outfit alterations for plus size dirndl

All bodies are beautiful and unique.

If you're first time customers, here at Rare Dirndl we do our best to cater to all shapes and sizes, including plus size dirndl dresses. With all of us having different body types and comfort levels, it was important to us to create pieces that catered to everyone while still showing appreciation to the German culture in our designs. 

At Rare Dirndl we believe that all body shapes should be celebrated, and our range of dirndls reflects this belief.

Plus size customers can be sure that they will find the perfect fit through our comprehensive catalog of options, and even after purchase, our easy-to-use return policy ensures that you have complete satisfaction with your selected item.

Whether you are a first-time customer or an avid dirndl enthusiast, we have something for everyone!

From the beautiful Every Day Drndl to the Northern Lights Dirndl or our variety of aprons, we're here to make your dirndl buying dreams come true. 

Shop with us today and be sure to show off your beautiful curves in the perfect plus size dirndl.

And if you're not sure where to start, check out our blog, The Ultimate Oktoberfest Dirndl Style Guide and learn everything you could imagine and more about wearing and styling your dirndl. 

We look forward to seeing you in our store soon and helping you find the perfect dress for any occasion!

dirndl blouse too small


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plus size dirndl dress that is too big on woman
example of dirndl dress that is too big


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Um... My Dirndl Doesn't Fit! Now What? - DIY Dirndl Alterations

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