Stephanie Albertz Cincinnati, OH

I've always been very proud of my German heritage and am a frequent visitor to my hometown's German festivals. So when I saw my dear friend and fellow customer, Jen Stolze, rocking a Rare Dirndl, I knew I wanted one. I had seen dirndls before and hadn't really looked for one, until recently. I went onto the Rare Dirndl website, and instantly fell in love with the In Bloom dirndl. Now, I am not the fashion maven, but I do love lace overlay, and I loved how the lace looked against various colors and with different blouses. I love that I can dress it up in any way and make it my own, while still looking feminine. Once the cooler weather comes rolling around, I definitely plan on pairing my dirndl with my Chuck Taylors!
So I decided to order the In Bloom dirndl, with a blouse, skirt and apron. My favorite color is dark blue and I also loved the Damask print. I wore it for the first time to Cincinnati Donaschwaben's Schwabenfest. I received so many compliments! It made me feel great to wear some of my favorite prints and colors, while showing off my German pride. Not to be outdone, I also wore my dirndl to an Irish punk concert (Flogging Molly, to be exact) that I had attended with a friend that night. Needless to say, the dirndl was a hit for the whole weekend!
October 26, 2015 — Erika Neumayer

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