Here is a photograph with me, Heidi Wagner, and my 6 month old twins, Helena (pink) and Elsa (green).  The girls are wearing their aunt's dirndls from when they were that size.  This was our first Christmas and the family was very excited as they are the first grandchildren on my husband's side.  My husband is in the Edward Wagner Blaskapelle Brass Band ( ) that plays traditional German and Austrian polka music.
Little Ms. Elsa has been puckering her lips and making sounds as if she is going to follow in her grandfathers steps as a trumpet player.  Little Ms. Helena has been beating her hands as if she is going to be the next drummer in the band.  My maiden name is Sonntag and when my husband first met me, he said "Heidi Sonntag, now that's a german girl I need to marry."  We are happy to keep our hertiage strong and continue with practicing it's traditions.

December 22, 2015 — Erika Neumayer

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