Growing up being an active member of a German dance group since age 4, we indeed had a Dirndl closet in our house. In fact, my dad made a special cedar closet in our basement where all our trachten was kept. 

Now that I have my own home, we have a closet in one of the rooms dedicated to our trachten as well. It’s not as nice as my parent's cedar closet, but all the dirndls, blouses, lederhosen, trachtenhemden, socks etc have their own place. 

Dirndl Closet

I was curious to find out if other folks had a dirndl closet so I posed the question to the members of our Rare Dirndl First Looks Club Facebook Group. Here is what they said: 


it’s almost to the point where my wife, Petra actually will be needing the second closet as well for all of her Dirndls!!! Nothing special about the closet, except that it is almost 8 ft wide, and completely stuffed FULL of only Dirndls. But in her defense, she actually DOES wear her Dirndls quite a lot, whenever she possibly can. AND….she looks amazing in them!!!” - Fred Galowitsch

My dirndl closet is half my regular closet. Everything fits, which means I need more dirndls” - Ingrid Nieman

My coat closet has pretty much become my tracht closet. Full of dirndls and related items. just a couple coats in the back. The accessories such as hats, scarves, socks, petticoats, jewelry that are tracht are also stored there.” - Tobi Cisin

“This is one of my rolling racks of dirndls. I keep each dirndl in its own clear front breathable garment bag with the matching apron. The bonus aprons are hanging in bundles or folded in clear bins. The blouses, hats, purses and bloomers are kept in clear bins for easy access (when it stays organized lol) A separate jewelry cabinet is home to my Dirndl related gems. I’ll admit the jewelry often does not end up back in the cabinet. My drop and go lifestyle usually requires that I pause and reorganize often in order to find a specific item. I like to keep a print on file with the original Rare Dirndl advertisement of a specific Dirndl so that I can reassemble the outfit with the recommended blouse and apron. This may sound somewhat organized but alas I need this management process as I become unorganized often!” - Anita Kalkhof

My Dirndls have a large side of the closet almost to themselves” Mary Pat Turon Findley

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Now we want to hear from you! Do you have a dirndl closet or somewhere special you keep all of your trachten? Tell us about it in the comments. 

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January 07, 2022 — Erika Neumayer

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