I first met Amanda after her husband ordered a dirndl for her and then 2 more dirndls later the family came to visit the Rare Dirndl Design Studio! Amanda writes for her own blog where she talks about things like her homeschooling techniques, recipes she's tried, and outfits she styles… including her dirndls! 

What I truly adore about Amanda is her classy and creative way of styling her dirndls for any occasion. She is amazing at mixing and matching her dirndl aprons and blouses to create beautiful looks! Check out how many looks she made using “die Heimat” Dirndl

Here Amanda is wearing her “die Heimat” Dirndl as it comes with the teal cotton apron and navy ribbon and chain lacings. She paired it with the Lace Short Sleeve V-Neck Dirndl Blouse, The Ultimate Hirsch Necklace in black, white textured tights, black mary-janes and her edelweiss clipped to a grey fedora. 

Remembering and enjoying happy thoughts about "die Heimat" (the homeland) is what this dirndl is all about. It's tough, yet soft suede bodice paired with cute edelweiss metal hooks and an apron highlighting things from Europe that make you smile. This traditional style dirndl will have you looking just as authentic as a local at Oktoberfest. 

With a quick apron and necklace change, Amanda’s dirndl was holiday ready! She used the Gnome Print Holiday Apron to take the dirndl from classic to Christmas.

Here, Amanda is wearing her “die Heimat” Dirndl with the Crystal Magic Apron, black dirndl blouse, The Ultimate Hirsch Necklace in black, and a white petticoat. Once again, Amanda changed the entire look of this dirndl by using just a chain lacing and adding the beaded apron… now this dirndl has been elevated to eleganza!!

Here is a picture of Amanda she styled her “die Heimat” Dirndl to be more casual with our limited edition Lemonade Stand Charity Apron. Using chain lacing and adding a cute zipper pull, this look is so sweet and summery… just like lemonade!

And just when you thought she had used “die Heimat” Dirndl to the max, she completely changed the look with another Holiday Apron. But this time she added red ribbon to the center front lacing, layered necklaces, burgundy tights & the most adorable sparkly holiday shoes. 

So there you have it… 5 totally different looks from the amazing Amanda using just 1 dirndl. And I would put money down that she’s not done yet! I cannot wait to see how she continues to style this classic traditional dirndl.


Ever wonder which dirndl style you are? Click here to take our quiz and find out now! 

January 05, 2023 — Erika Neumayer

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