Ashley Smith is a smart & witty world traveler, blogger, and Oktoberfest enthusiast who has become a go-to source for people all over across the globe looking to travel to Munich, Germany. Her website, is full of outstanding information especiall when it comes to THE Oktoberfest!

And this is how she wore her Grey Everyday Dirndl, multiple times during Oktoberfest this year. 

After a 2 loooong years, Oktoberfest made it’s return in 2022 and Ashley had her dirndls packed including ‘stay-at-home’ Oktoberfest Everyday Dirndl

how to throw your own oktoberfest party


Here is Ashley in 2020 in her Everyday Dirndl during her very own Oktoberfest Party she held at her house. It was the perfect dirndl for a busy host with pretzels to bake and steins of beers to fill. She is wearing it with a simple pretzel necklace, and white V-neckline cap sleeve blouse. 

In this photo, Ashley is back in her happy place, the tents at Oktoberfest. She paired her Grey Everyday Dirndl with a black cap sleeve blouse, black lace apron, Wiesn Glupperl, and a maß of Löwenbrau.

Here Ashley is wearing her Grey Everyday Dirndl with a long sleeve lace turtleneck blouse, one of our ‘Surprise Me’ Aprons, Wiesn Glupperl, and a maß of a delicious Oktoberfestbier.

On one of the last days of Oktoberest, Ashley wore her Grey Everyday Dirndl with a long sleeve lace turtleneck blouse and an fun apron that she made herself featuring pretzels and the colors of the Münchenerkindl. 

If you are already planning your trip to Oktoberfest next year, I Ashley’s Oktoberfest planning sessions come HIGHLY recommended. One of my customers said, “That was easily the best money I spent to get ready for this epic trip”. 

Looking for a quick Oktoberest Packing Checklist? Ashley and I collaborate on this and you Click here to download a FREE copy. 

October 13, 2022 — Erika Neumayer

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