I first met Ingrid at a German American event in Saint Paul Minnesota. I had a small pop-up shop set up at the event and she came with her family. Looking through the racks she started talking to me about her self-proclaimed absolute love for Dirndls. From there she became a regular customer and I had the extreme privilege of creating her wedding gown which was (aber natürluch) a dirndl. 

What I love most about Ingrid is her unapologetic love for wearing Dirndls for any occasion. She has expressed on multiple occasions how much she loves wearing her Everyday Dirndl to do literally everyday things. Below are a collection of photos she has sent me of the ways she wears her Everyday Dirndls. 

Here Ingrid is taking her beloved pup for a walk in her grey Everyday Dirndl. She is wearing it with a classic white puff sleeve Dirndl blouse, black leggings, and black walking shoes. She completes the look with a black edelweiss necklace her watch and a beautiful sun hat. 

In this photo, Ingrid is smiling with her husband while she wears her gray Everyday Dirndl with an adorable gray hat and a floral top instead of a dirndl blouse. This is a quick and easy way to change the look of any dirndl.

Ingrid is wearing her grey Everyday Dirndl to relax at home and read a book. Instead of a Dirndl blouse, she has chosen to wear a gray and black lace long sleeve shirt and a crystal necklace black tights, and house shoes. A beautifully comfortable outfit for a day at home. 

Here is a picture of Ingrid at Germanfest Milwaukee this past year. She is wearing her black Everyday Dirndl with a white blouse lit black Edelweiss necklace and Black lace fedora adorned with Bavarian-inspired pins. She’s also wearing it with an apron that she made herself! 

It was a true joy to see Ingrid at Germanfest in Milwaukee and always see her rocking her Everyday Dirndl for doing everyday things. 

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August 17, 2022 — Erika Neumayer

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