Zodiac Dirndl: MADE-TO-ORDER

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Tell your story with your dirndl and your astrological sign! Whether you're a practical Taurus, powerful Leo, or mysterious Scorpio, your stargazing and Oktoberfest loving self is going to shine in this handmade dirndl. This truly unique dirndl uses layers of customized colors and fabrics on top of a sturdy cotton print bodice to give the universe a little glimpse into your inner self. 

  • This dirndl is made to order and may take up to 8 weeks for delivery 
  • Black & white cotton witchy-inspired print bodice with our regal, high-collar neckline
  • One-of-a-kind layered ribbons and fabrics based on your individual astrological sign (sample dirndl in photo is Sagittarius
  • Apron made from a variety of fabrics based on your individual astrological sign (see fabric and color guide image or below) 
  • Black poly peach skin skirt which is soft, matte, lightweight and flowy (plus easy to care for!)
  • Medium length skirt with 2 layers of contrast stitching at the hemline. Length is 26" from the natural waist to the hemline (about mid-calf if you are 5'4")
  • 2 side skirt pockets
  • Dirndl made in the USA (more specifically, Chicago, IL)
  • Need more design examples >> CLICK HERE

Not sure what size to order? Click here to get all your sizing questions answered by designer, Erika Neumayer!

Zodiac Sign Colors & Fabrics (also see Fabric & Color Guide Image)

  • Aries: Red, orange & pink | Charmeuse 
  • Taurus: green, blush, cream, slate | Organic Cotton 
  • Gemini: yellow, violet, brights | Textured Knit 
  • Cancer: sea green, silver, white | Lace 
  • Leo: gold, burnt orange, scarlett | Velvet Burnout
  • Virgo: gray, navy, forest green | Cotton 
  • Libra: light blue, lilac, pink | Georgette 
  • Scorpio: burgundy, black, purple, crimson | Batik 
  • Sagittarius: purple, turquoise, indigo | Iridescent Chiffon 
  • Capricorn: dark green, brown, black, gray | Printed Cotton 
  • Aquarius: bright and light blue, silver, pastels | Chiffon 
  • Pisces: light green, sea blue, lavender & rose | Jersey Knit 

    What makes this Dirndl so special?

    No two dirndls will be the same! While all the Capricorn Dirndls will have the same color scheme, the exact placement and fabrics may change giving each one its own unique character. 

    We hand-place each design; carefully curating the strips to be perfect for the design and vibe of the sign. 

    And that badass witchy bodice fabric... you'll never find that at your local fabric store. 

    *Disclaimers: Due to the handcrafted creation process of each piece, everything is 100% one of a kind, and fabric shades, color, and textures may vary from photos. Each piece is HANDCRAFTED and will have character.*