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Edelweiss Lovers

The perfect collection of products featuring our favorite flower: the Edelweiss. With it's historical and cultural significance, these items are sure to bring joy to anyone.
Edelweiss Lovers
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Edelweiss Wrap Bracelet - Rare Dirndl
Leather Edelweiss Clip - Rare Dirndl
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Edelweiss Keychain - Rare Dirndl
Edelweiss Keychain
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Edelweiss Infinity Scarf
Edelweiss Earrings with Freshwater Pearls - Rare Dirndl
Germany & Edelweiss Stretch Bead Bracelet - Rare Dirndl
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Painted Edelweiss Earrings - Rare Dirndl
Industrial Style Edelweiss Necklace - Rare Dirndl
Scalloped Necklace with Heart and Edelweiss Charm - Rare Dirndl
Edelweiss & Heart Lock Dangle Earrings - Rare Dirndl
Edelweiss Charm Necklace - Rare Dirndl
Large Heart & Edelweiss Chord Necklace
Four Edelweiss T-shirt (Great-Granddaughter) - Rare Dirndl
Edelweiss Ribbon Necklace
Elegant Edelweiss Chain Necklace - Rare Dirndl
Edelweiss Flower Sticker
Metal Edelweiss Keychain
Four Edelweiss Youth T-Shirt (Great-Granddaughter) - Rare Dirndl
Three Edelweiss Youth T-Shirt (Granddaughter) - Rare Dirndl
Simple Edelweiss Earrings
Four Edelweiss Toddler Tee (Great-Granddaughter) - Rare Dirndl
Three Edelweiss Toddler Tee (Granddaughter) - Rare Dirndl
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