Edelweiss & Vine Necklace

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Embrace the allure of autumn with our new Edelweiss & Vine Necklace, a masterpiece of handcrafted elegance. This exquisite piece features smooth chording in white, black, or brown, forming a versatile backdrop for three sets of meticulously arranged autumn vines. At its center, a dainty edelweiss flower hangs complemented by matching glass beads.

This necklace effortlessly elevates any fall ensemble, be it a traditional dirndl or your favorite seasonal outfit.

Don't miss out on this limited edition piece - we only have a few in each color available.

  • Edelweiss pendant attached to a series of metal vine pieces with matching beads. 
  • Chord necklace with adjustable length of 15.5" - 18"
  • Nickle free
  • Made by jewelry designer Kristen Hunger