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Heritage Collection

Show your pride for your heritage with our selection of products celebrating the generations of women who helped us shape who we are. The past year has taught us to cherish the present moment and find joy in the happy memories that came before it... and these will help you do just that. 
Heritage Collection
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Family Heritage Cuff Bracelet - Rare Dirndl
One Edelweiss T-shirt (Mother) - Rare Dirndl
Four Edelweiss T-shirt (Great-Granddaughter) - Rare Dirndl
Three Edelweiss Youth T-Shirt (Granddaughter) - Rare Dirndl
Three Edelweiss Toddler Tee (Granddaughter) - Rare Dirndl
Four Edelweiss Youth T-Shirt (Great-Granddaughter) - Rare Dirndl
Four Edelweiss Toddler Tee (Great-Granddaughter) - Rare Dirndl
Deutschland Sweatshirt - Rare Dirndl
Deutschland Short-Sleeve T-Shirt - Rare Dirndl
Edelweiss Keychain - Rare Dirndl
Family Treasures Dirndl - Rare Dirndl
“Die Heimat” Dirndl - Rare Dirndl
Metal Edelweiss Keychain
“Polka like Oma’s Watching” Sticker
Rare Dirndl Logo Sticker
“Life is Better in a Dirndl” Sticker
Beer Steins & “Prost” Sticker
Edelweiss Flower Sticker
Schatzi Lebkuchenherz Sticker
Krampus & Susi Sticker
Krampus & Kiddo Sticker
Krampus Mini Sticker
Krampus Sticker 3-Pack
Krampus Sticker 3-Pack
$10.00 $13.00
Oktoberfest Sticker 4-Pack
Rare Dirndl Sticker 3-Pack
Rare Dirndl Sticker 6-Pack
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