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Each apron is MADE TO ORDER and takes approximately 3-4 weeks to ship
Bring your holiday spirit to your dirndl with this fun dirndl apron, available in two lengths: the fun & flirty mini and the versatile & classic medium. This distinctive piece promises a touch of holiday magic, uniquely tailored to your style.
🎁 Unwrap the joy of anticipation as we present a curated selection of holiday-themed prints. Choose from the:
  • 'Classic' collection, featuring timeless patterns reminiscent of poinsettias and traditional motifs
  • 'Kitschy' line, with whimsical Santa Claus and playful holiday designs.
  • Winter Reindeer print with red satin apron ties
Each apron is meticulously crafted just for you, ensuring a one-of-a-kind piece that reflects your individual festive spirit.

Pictured are examples of some of the fabrics being offered but are not all of them. 
While our aprons are lovingly handcrafted, please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. The wait is part of the excitement, and we assure you, it will be well worth it. Embrace the holiday season with our Mystery Print Dirndl Apron - a piece designed to infuse your outfit with a touch of festive magic. Order now and get ready to unveil your unique style statement!
  • 18" or 24" Christmas-themed apron
  • 100% cotton print base with assorted fabric ties ** NOTE: Each apron has its own unique style, but we promise it'll look beautiful!
  • Perfect to pair with any simple dirndl, especially the Little Black Dirndl or the Everyday Dirndl
  • Each apron is MADE TO ORDER and takes approximately 3-4 weeks to ship