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When you see an item you want, comment SOLD [item #] in the comments

Once claimed the jewelry item is yours to purchase. Failure to complete purchase will ban you from participating in future Jewelry Parties.

Add that item (and any others you want) to your cart, using the links posted. 

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15 results
Deer Necklace - Rare Dirndl
Deer Necklace
From $29.00
Ribbon Necklace with Charms - Rare Dirndl
Charm Necklace - Rare Dirndl
Heart Necklaces - Rare Dirndl
Heart Necklaces
From $32.00
Stone Necklaces - Rare Dirndl
Sold Out
Edelweiss Stretch Bracelets - Rare Dirndl
Single Charm Bracelets - Rare Dirndl
Sold Out
Germany Bracelets - Rare Dirndl
Leather Charm Bracelets - Rare Dirndl
Only 1 left!
Fabric Bracelets - Rare Dirndl
Only 3 left!
Mardi Gras Broach - Rare Dirndl
Only 1 left!
Mardi Gras Earrings - Rare Dirndl
Assorted Earrings - Rare Dirndl
Sold Out
Spinning Deer Earrings - Rare Dirndl
Only 1 left!
Wooden Heart Earrings - Rare Dirndl
Sold Out
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