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Collection of items featuring the edelweiss flower. Edelweiss iPhone Cases, Edelweiss Yoga Pants, Edelweiss Beach bag and more!
My Edelweiss Shop
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Edelweiss Women’s T-shirt - Rare Dirndl
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Edelweiss iPhone Case - Rare Dirndl
Leather Edelweiss Clip - Rare Dirndl
Painted Edelweiss Earrings - Rare Dirndl
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Edelweiss Cord Necklace - Rare Dirndl
Edelweiss Cord Necklace
$24.00 $38.00
Edelweiss Necklace - Rare Dirndl
Edelweiss Necklace
$29.00 $38.00
Edelweiss Charm Necklace - Rare Dirndl
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