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“ Loved the attention to details in the dirndls. The fit is amazing, and the quality is unsurpassed. Shipping is super fast. I can’t wait to add more Rare Dirndls to my closet.” — Tasha B, New Braunfels TX

Roses & Spiderwebs Dirndl - Rare Dirndl
The Little Black Dirndl - Rare Dirndl
The Leopard Dirndl - Rare Dirndl
Nightlife Dirndl - Rare Dirndl

What We Stand For

Rare Dirndl is committed to bringing you high-quality dirndls, blouses, bloomers and accessories that break the 'rules', yet honor traditions. Run by a small group of women in Chicago, the Rare Dirndl Team are truly dedicated to your happiness and look forward to helping you make your trip to Oktoberfest or the next German Club Picnic one to remember!

Lace Sweetheart Dirndl Blouse - Rare Dirndl
Off-the-Shoulder Blouse w/ Gathers - Rare Dirndl
Lace V-Neck Dirndl Blouse - Rare Dirndl
Sweetheart Cold Shoulder Blouse - Rare Dirndl

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How to Throw a Virtual German Dinner Party

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The Deeper Meaning Behind Wearing a Dirndl

The Deeper Meaning Behind Wearing a Dirndl

The other day, I was thinking about my grandparents... thinking to myself, “I hope when they look down on me from above they are proud”. I started thinking about how they were always so proud to see me in my dirndl. That got me thinking… there really is so much more meaning behind wearing a dirndl that just, “it’s what I have to wear to dance,” or “this one is my favorite color and makes me feel like a million bucks”, or “it’s just what you wear to Oktoberfest”...

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