10 Epic Halloween Costume ideas using a Dirndl (that isn’t the St. Pauli Girl) | Rare Dirndl
10 Epic Halloween Costume ideas using a Dirndl (that isn’t the St. Pauli Girl)

10 Epic Halloween Costume ideas using a Dirndl (that isn’t the St. Pauli Girl)

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! Halloween is upon us! I love Halloween because I love dressing up and getting creative with costumes. For me, Do It Yourself costumes are always more exciting and creative than the store bought ones. With that in mind, I’ve got a bunch of unique, classy and fun ways to wear your dirndl for Halloween that isn’t the “St. Pauli Girl”. Just a few DIY in additions to your dirndl, and you have a new costume ready for any party!

#1 – A Marionette – This fun costume can go in many ways and work with just about any dirndl, a marionettist’s stick and some makeup! We literally just have the dowel rod stuck down the back of our dirndls!

For this costume you’ll need:

  • The In Bloom (or any dirndl for that matter)
  • Long sleeve t-shirt
  • Dirndl petticoat
  • Red, white and black details (bows, ribbons, chokers, etc)
  • Marionettist’s Stick thing  (dowel rod, cork sheets glued together to make the +, yarn, and paint)
  • Nylons (colored with sharpies to make joints)
  • Makeup


#2 – Red Riding Hood – This is a classic fairytale character that only needs a few extra pieces to bring it all together. Nicki used a vintage cape along with one of her custom black dirndls to make this look.

For this costume you’ll need:

Red-Riding-Hood-Costume with a dirndl

#3 – A Viking – Embrace your inner Norse-woman with this fun costume. While in this photo I made a quick vest using a dirndl bodice pattern, you can easily use a dirndl vest.

For this costume you’ll need:

  • A Dirndl Vest
  • Tattered or leather pants
  • Long sleeve shirt (the wrinklier the better)
  • Random leather straps, strings and belts
  • Layers of antique looking jewelry
  • Some dirt for your face (or brown/black makeup)


#4 – Flight Attendant – While Sam made this dirndl specifically for her PANAM Stewardess costume, you can use any dirndl to be a Lufthansa flight attendant!

For this costume you’ll need:

  • A Dirndl with an apron
  • Serving tray or cart with beverages
  • A pin with wings
  • Some small snack like nuts or cookies
  • Stud earrings
  • A neck scarf or hat

flight-attendent dirndl costume

#5 – Snow White (and the Apple or the Huntsman) – Last year I suggested using the In Bloom Dirndl to create a Snow White look and I LOVE that Diane did exactly that. In the next picture you can see Jenn in a different version of Snow White, but still using a dirndl! This costume idea can really go in a variety of ways, so get creative!

For this costume you’ll need:




#6 – A Mime –  While this photo (from http://www.thejoyoffashionblog.com/) is obviously not a dirndl, you can easily use a black dirndl instead of the black pants and suspenders. Everything else, the shoes, the hat, the makeup and the shirt would be the same as this great picture!

For this costume you’ll need:

  • The Little Black Dirndl (or any black dirndl)
  • Black and white striped long sleeve shirt
  • A black beret
  • White gloves
  • Black shoes
  • Makeup

mime costume


#7 – Queen of Hearts – In this photo I’m wearing a dirndl that I made specifically for this costume, but you can replicate this look with a plain black dirndl, red dirndl, or the In Bloom Dirndl. Adding details like cards and hearts, the hat and the collar piece… bada-bing bada boom!

For this costume you’ll need:



#8 – Vampire – A black dirndl like the Little Black Dirndl mixed with other red or purple pieces, blouse, petticoat etc. mixed with perhaps a cape and makeup, teeth and bit of blood - and you are set for an epic evening

For this costume you’ll need:

  • The Little Black Dirndl (or any black dirndl)
  • Red long bell sleeve blouse
  • Red ribbon or chain lacing
  • Black nylons
  • Vampire teeth
  • (optional baby bat)
  • Makeup

Vampire Costume with Dirndl

#9 – Minnie Mouse – This is a picture that Petra sent me and she looks so adorable in her black dirndl with red polka dots and white apron. She added her own Minnie Mouse details to pull the whole look together!

For this costume you’ll need:



#10 – A Witch – This classic costume doesn’t make much, but it might just be the perfect way to give the kiddos a good scare on Halloween Night!

For this costume you’ll need:
  • Little Black Dirndl (or any dark dirndl. Raven Dirndl pictured here)
  • Black blouse or long sleeve shirt
  • Witch’s Hat
  • Broomstick
  • Makeup

Witch-Dirndl costume

Witch-Dirndl costume


And lastly… you could always wear your more traditional dirndl and be Maria von Trapp from the Sound of Music.

What do you think of these ideas? Are you wearing your dirndl this year for Halloween in a unique and interesting way? Share your ideas and pictures with me in the comments!

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As always, ideas and opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own. - Erika


Erika Neumayer

I use my regular dirndl as a “Swiss Miss Cocoa Girl”

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