We all have our favorite terms of endearment for our loved ones. Some people like to associate these pet names with flowers, food, or some use more creative words, but today I’m talking about my personal favorite + a few more ways to express the endearment ‘auf Deutsch’ (in German). 

The first fun fact about common German Kosenamen is that they are mostly from animal names. For example: “Maus”, “Hase”, “Mausebär” etc. How cute are these?!

These pet names are great for both kids and partners. However, every rule has an exception, so be careful and make sure that you use the appropriate terms for your boyfriend/girlfriend. 

As for me, my favorite is “Schatzi”. I call my kids and my husband “Schatzi” and I love how multipurpose this term is. Now, I’m sure some of you also love this word and use it to express your feelings because this is one of the “Classic” Kosenamen. But I was curious to find out some info about the origin and history of this term... here's what I found.

The exact meaning of the word “Schatzi” is jewel, gem, or treasure. Other variations of this term include “Schatz”, “Schatzilein”, “Schätzchen”. It is used in a similar way that we use English words “Darling”, “Sweetie” or “Honey”.

If we’re talking about the etymology of the word “Schatzi”, this is what Online Etymology Dictionary says: “German girlfriend," from German Schatzi, diminutive of Schatz, a term of endearment for a woman, literally "treasure," from Proto-Germanic *skatta- (source also of Dutch schat "treasure," Gothic skatts "piece of money, money"), originally "cattle."

As you can see, this word initially referred to females, while nowadays it’s more gender-neutral and can be used literally for everyone. Interestingly enough, when I was looking for some info for this blog post, I found this topic on one of the forums, and one user said that in German parts of Switzerland “Schatzi” can be used in work environments between not-so-close people, often among women and not always in a positive context (similar to how we use “Dear” in English).

Nowadays, the word “Schatzi” is used in German-speaking countries - Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and of course in other parts of the world.

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Do you have favorite pet names for your closest people? I would love to read them in the comments below!







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June 10, 2021 — Anastasiia Chokhliad

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