We all have our own ways of remembering our family members. I have a whole lot too. But here a 6 of my favorite ways that I remember my grandparents. 

💕 Use things they made. I smile every time I use the hangers that my grandma covered in yarn 

💕 Display photos of them. In my office I have 2 frames that sit among my other trinkets and crystals. I see them everyday and they make me so happy.

💕 Using their old things. I love this one bent pot from my grandpa. I he bent it himself to make it easy to pour butter or sauce 

💕 Display gifts from them. We have a bunch of Hummel figurines that they gave us. Plus I love looking at their gnome in our yard each morning.

💕 Admire things they made. My grandfather was an excellent artist and while we have his works of art in our home as well this simple rock he wrote on seems extra special 

💕 Wear clothes that remind you of them. I really am loving the new generations of edelweiss tshirt. The 3 edelweiss on my shirt remind me that I’m the 3rd generation in this country and I’m proud of my ancestors journey. It wasn’t an easy road, so I wear it with pride and appreciation. 

You can show your pride for your heritage with the mother, daughter, granddaughter, & great-granddaughter edelweiss tee too! 

March 30, 2021 — Erika Neumayer

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