The Little Black Dirndl is a dirndl closet must have. Its comfort and versatility is unrivaled and is the clear go-to for just about any occasion. Below are 99 places to wear your Little Black Dirndl. 

  1. Oktoberfest in Munich
  2. Starkbierfest in Munich
  3. Maifest in Munich
  4. Cannstatter Volksfest in Stuttgart

    image of a woman wearing an all black dirndl at a volksfest in germany
  5. Frühlingsfest in Stuttgart
  6. German Fest Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  7. Wurstfest in New Braunfels, Texas
  8. Oktoberfest USA in LaCrosse, Wisconsin
  9. Maifest in Chicago, Illinois
  10. Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest in Ontario, Canada
  11. Any other Oktoberfest listed in Ausgezeichnet Vol. 3
  12. At your own personal Oktoberfest

    girl wearing an all black dirndl holding a little boy wearing lederhosen
  13. Hofbräuhaus in Munich
  14. Hofbräuhaus in Chicago, Illinois
  15. Hofbräuhaus in St. Louis, Missouri
  16. Hofbräuhaus in Las Vegas, Nevada
  17. Hofbräuhaus in Columbus, Ohio
  18. Hofbräuhaus in Cleveland, Ohio
  19. Hofbräuhaus in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  20. Hofbräuhaus in Newport, Kentucky
  21. Hofbräuhaus in St. Petersburg, Florida
  22. To a podcast live show 

    image of the podcast hosts of Wine and Crime posing for a photo with girls wearing all black dirndls
  23. Your favorite German Restaurant
  24. My favorite German Restaurant, Laschet’s Inn
  25. Any other restaurant for that matter!
  26. To your German club’s summer picnics
  27. The annual German Hunter’s club dinner
  28. Schlachtfest (Fall harvest celebration)
  29. Kirchweih (Donauschwaben tradition of the church blessing)
  30. Gaufest
  31. Donauschwaben Landestreffen
  32. To give a presentation at your high school German club
  33. A wedding where the couple asks you to wear tracht
  34. The Steuben Parade in NYC
  35. The Steuben Parade in Chicago 

    sisters smiling wearing dirndls at a german fest parade in chicago
  36. The Steuben Parade in Philadelphia
  37. Your own personal parade in your neighborhood
  38. To a Bayern-Munich soccer game
  39. To any soccer game
  40. An Alex Meixner show
  41. Wherever die Schlauberger are playing
  42. Any place with polka music
  43. A Rammstein concert
  44. Any metal music concert

  45. A country music concert
  46. An EDM show
  47. A pop music concert
  48. Your cousin’s Bavarian themed birthday party
  49. Your other cousin’s non Bavarian themed birthday party
  50. Your own Bavarian themed birthday party
  51. Your kid’s Bavarian themed birthday party (that’s not weird right?)
  52. On a brewery tour
  53. To the farmers market
  54. For picture day at school
  55. A pretzel making class
  56. A beer tasting
  57. A pretzel tasting (if that’s not a thing, then it should be a thing)
  58. To frolic in the fields of Garmisch-Partenkirchen

  59. To frolic in a generic midwestern field of corn
  60. To frolic in your own backyard
  61. A backyard pig roast
  62. The grocery store
  63. To visit a castle
  64. A movie premier
  65. To a play
  66. To Der Ring des Nibelungen opera
  67. To any German opera
  68. On a family picnic
  69. To bed  
  70. To work for casual Friday (or as they do in Bavaria, trachten Freitag)
  71. For Krampusnacht at the Krampuslauf
  72. To the trachten pub crawl

  73. When you ask a friend, “what should I wear” and they say, “I dunno, whatever   makes you feel fabulous!”
  74. To a Halloween party
  75. To an themed party where the theme is “wear all black”
  76. To a retirement party
  77. To a Harry Potter themed party
  78. To a Sound of Music themed party
  79. To any kind of party really...
  80. For the annual family portrait

  81. For a personal photoshoot
  82. To a schnitzel eating competition
  83. Out and about in Helen, Georgia
  84. Out and about in New Glarus, Wisconsin
  85. Out and about in Frankenmuth,. Michigan
  86. Out and about in Leavenworth, Washington
  87. Out and about in Mt. Angel, Oregon
  88. When you are volunteering in the kitchen for your German club
  89. When you are volunteering in the bar for your German club
  90. When you are volunteering at the ticket table for your German club
  91. When you are volunteering… at any station for your local German club (except maybe if you’re doing construction or gardening)
  92. To the German club holiday party
  93. To any holiday party
  94. As a bridesmaid in a wedding party
  95. At your own wedding (click here if you are interested in a Bridal Dirndl)
  96. When you’re at home and you’re feeling blue so you need to get all dolled up and have your own polka party
  97. To the state fair
  98. To the Renaissance fair
  99. Anywhere you want to!
November 20, 2018 — Erika Neumayer

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