Yesterday was the Lincoln Square Spring Wine Stroll. It's a really fun event where people can buy tickets, check in, get a wine glass and a map... and stroll through the streets of Lincoln Square, stopping at local businesses and tasting wine! In order to prepare for the event... we needed to clean up with studio! Sam and I have been working our asses off trying to get all these One-of-a-Kind Dirndls out on time, so needless to say sweeping, dusting and keeping tidy was not on the to do list... until yesterday!  

girl wearing a green vintage 1970s dirndl with a white apron and a sweater

I decided to wear a dirndl that was comfortable, not fussy and good for cleaning and running around. I choose my Mom's dirndl from when she used to dance with the Chicago Donauschwaben in the 70s. While I didn't need to wear my "dirndl bra" with this one... it was a tad snug and I keep popping the snaps. I also felt like a house with the big white apron. It was just an uncomfortable feeling, but I wore it all day until it was time to pretty myself for the Wine Stroll.   

I changed into the Midday Hike dirndl which I thought was casual, comfortable and still went with the brown leggings I had on and my burnt orange sweater. My sister Monika, (our fantastic wine pourer for the evening) wore her new One-of-a-Kind Dirndl that I made for her.


The night was a great success and everyone that came in said, "OMG, you girls look so adorable!" AND... in every group of people that came by, there was at least 1 person that knew what a dirndl was! We were shocked!

Everyone loved the accessories and we sold a bunch of Rare Dirndl Logo Scarves and Wrap Bracelets. I was so excited to learn that there are a good amount of locals that know what a dirndl is and are looking forward to wearing one at some point.

Both Monika and I felt very proud of our heritage and confident in our dirndls last night... it never felt weird or awkward.  

April 29, 2016 — Erika Neumayer

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