Day 5: Unexpected Day off with the Hubby | Rare Dirndl
Day 5: Unexpected Day off with the Hubby

Day 5: Unexpected Day off with the Hubby

Friday's have always been a strange day for me as an entrepreneur. This feeling that the week is over and I got nothing done always seems to creep up and grab me by the throat. A feeling of anxiety and overwhelm tends to set in on Fridays... but not yesterday!  

After class I changed into my dirndl and then my husband came home from work and we just started chatting away. Before we knew it we had polished off 2 bottles of wine (drinking from 1 glass, Schmidt Oma & Ota style) and it was 6:30! We had been standing in the kitchen chit chatting for 4 hours! hahaha!!! Not a normal Friday, but it was wonderful. We made a frozen pizza, fried plantains and watched The Princess Bride before falling asleep.

These are the times when I am beyond grateful to have a job that allows me to take time to enjoy these moments. It makes the 14 hour work days 100% worth it!  

My dirndl choice for the day was just a random pick. I picked one of my first creations, the Warm Night Dirndl with the matching coral blouse and a black sweater. This one is a little big on me, so it was pretty comfy! But then, I ran into a little issue though with my socks.


It's still 45-50ish degrees outside and I'm not a barefoot kind of gal... I love me some socks. But with this dirndl challenge, I can't wear my Star Wars ankle socks or my Harry Potter knee socks... or my big fluffy socks, or really any of my awesome socks! I don't want to wear tights because it's too tight on my belly and I'm over it. I feel like I need to wear dirndl socks in order to look put together. The struggle was real... I ended up finding a pair of black dirndl socks and it pulled the look together.

Ever wonder which dirndl style you are? Click here to take our quiz and find out now!   

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