Day 6: Work Work, House Work, & Bluegrass Bands | Rare Dirndl
Day 6: Work Work, House Work, & Bluegrass Bands

Day 6: Work Work, House Work, & Bluegrass Bands

For day 6 of my 14-Day Dirndl Every Day Challenge, I wore my Star Wars Dirndl because I wanted to wear fleece lined leggings again and I knew that dirndl would match my navy blue ones. I wore it with the Sweetheart Blouse with Draped Sleeves, my Hirsch Antler Necklace, a necklace from my mom that says, "love you", and my batchies. I started the day like I do most mornings, by drinking my lemon water while I do the dishes and then have my coffee and get to work.  

Yesterday I also needed to do a mountain of laundry. Usually I LOVE doing laundry! I feel like a wonder woman... (say this as if it's an intro to a new MARVELS movie): "She works as a fashion designer in her design studio and she does 3-4 loads of laundry and she running her business, and she's awesome... she's ERIKA!"

But yesterday, I literally felt like the lonely housewife from the 50s that does the chores in her dress with a full face of makeup, heels and a bow waiting for her husband to come home so she can serve him dinner. Maybe it was the apron... maybe it was just the fact that I was more dressed up than usual, but whatever it was... I didn't like it.


But when I went back up to the studio and started working on the sewing machine... didn't feel any better. This was really the first time since I started this that I didn't feel like my dirndl was helping my mood. I remembered this, "Advise from Singer" that one of my fiends sent me because she thought it was funny... and I also think it's hilarious, but this is pretty much what I was feeling like in the morning.  

I also had 3 people stop by the studio to shop yesterday! 2 of them saw me in my dirndl and thought nothing of it. Literally assumed that I just wear dirndls when I work. I thought that was awesome. The other group just found out about Rare Dirndl and so when they were shopping the dad asked me, so do you wear these dirndls everyday? I explained that I was doing this little challenge and he said, "Well that's really cool and you look great!" I felt much better after I had some people in the studio that thought nothing of me wearing my dirndl while I worked. 🙂

In the evening I went out with some of my friends for my best friends 30th birthday! We went to Martyrs (also where we go every year for Krampusfest) to see 3 Bluegrass Bands. I wore the "Lenore" Dirndl because I wanted to wear something that looked a little more conventional. One of our friends said, "OMG I love your dress... wait is that a dirndl?" "YUP!" I felt super confident in this one and it was super dark at the bar so no one noticed that I was dressed in a dirndl.

It was a great evening and a great way to end a busy Saturday.  

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