We’ve made it to Aquarius season! Aquarians pride themselves on being weird–you might be noticing a lot of alien-themed memes going around or your Aquarius friends (if you have them–no one can find Aquarians–where are they??) could be doing some extra squawking about how unique they are. This season is one to let your freak flag fly–it’s deep enough into the winter that we’ve all been holed up at home working on something, spending time alone or with our inner circle, and it’s time to gather up your community, either in person or over the internet waves, for some togetherness.

On January 21, the Sun goes into Aquarius and it’s also the New Moon in Aquarius–lots of fresh Aquarius energy! The new moon in Aquarius is a great time to set intentions around your hopes, wishes, and dreams, and also anything having to do with community and networks. It’s also a perfect new moon to set wishes and hopes for the world, not just yourself or inner circle–wishing for healing for a whole community or country or planet or universe is a fitting thing to be doing during an Aquarius new moon. 

The next day, January 22 Aquarius’ ruling planet Uranus stations direct in Taurus–it’s been retrograde since late August, and it is about to go direct! Uranus is such a weirdo, it really is about doing your own thing and getting free. It is also a disruptor. Aquarius’ other ruler, Saturn is about dealing with the structures and systems we were born into and have to learn to work with or dismantle, while Uranus plays by its own rules and only cares about the future–and not even what’s possible, but what’s the freest. With Uranus turning direct, you might be getting more clarity around how to move forward in new ways around your money or security or stability. Uranus is still in Taurus, a pretty unmoveable sign, so there might be a little less chaos around financial or resource issues.

Aquarius zodiac descriptors

On January 28 Venus moves into Pisces, where it loves to be! Can you spend this month making, looking at, or prioritizing art in some way? Read a poem to your dog, write a love letter to yourself or your best friend, go to a museum or look at an art book for some inspiration. Venus, planet of love and values, thrives in the sign of Pisces! It’s a great month for riding that Aquarian wave of wanting to make the world a better place, and Pisces makes us more empathetic, taking the ideas out of the airwaves and into real life.

February 5th brings the  Full Moon in Leo—a perfect day for letting your friends know you love them, reaching out to the friends in your life that are always initiating contact or plans, and letting yourself be seen a little bit–share some art you made, share a feeling, be generous with yourself.


How Aquarius season might show up for you:

  • You might be looking for ways to get together with people. Aquarius is all about the group. This is a great month to start a volunteering gig, join a book club, anything that will have you interacting with people you might not otherwise meet. Aquarius is the great humanitarian, so take this month to consider how you can provide mutual aid, contribute to the well-being of your neighborhood or community.
  • Aquarius is also Saturn-ruled, like Capricorn, but it looks at ways to smash the system! If you’re feeling some discontent with the status quo, Aquarius season asks you to dream big into what kind of world you’d like to see.

Ways to work with the energy of Aquarius season:

  • If you work with tarot, put the Star card on your altar, and invite in all its healing, slow, and optimistic energy. Aquarius is also Fool card energy, so you could add that too.
  • Wear silver or your most alien-like clothing to bring in Aquarius’ electrical currents.
  • This month, make some time to adjust things to work for you, not just what works for everyone else or what you think you *should* be doing. Aquarius and Uranus are here to support you in carving out a life path that works for what you want, especially if it’s not what everyone else values.
  • Dirndl designs for Aquarius season: 

  • Aquarius’s element is air, and with that in mind, the Zodiac Dirndl in Aquarius has a light and airy silver chiffon apron with light and dark blue ribbons.
  • The corresponding colors for the bodice are shades of blue, pink and grey.
  • To embody the friendly nature of the Aquarius sign, there are pops of velvet and lace in the bodice.
Aquarius Zodiac Dirndl Illustration
  • Similarly, the Moon Rising Dirndl in Aquarius has light and royal blue ribbons with apron ties.
    Aquarius Dirndl dress montage

    Food & drink for Aquarius season

    To get in the Aquarius spirit (pun intended), you can whip up this infused liqueur with Aquarius and Saturn-ruled herbs: 

    Aquarius Cocktail:

    • 1 fifth (750 ml/ 3 ¼ cups) vodka (80-100 proof)
    • 8 green tea bags
    • ¼ culinary grade matcha
    • 3 limes (zested)
    • ¾ c honey

    Combine the vodka, tea bags, matcha, zest of 3 limes, and honey in a big jar and stir. Put it in a cool, dark place for 3-5 days, until it smells very strongly of tea. Strain it and drink! This is good warmed up for a tea-hot toddy kind of cocktail.

    Aquarius Mocktail: 

    • ½ tsp ceremonial matcha (or whatever you can get)
    • Hot water
    • Honey or maple syrup to taste
    • Oat milk or whatever milk you prefer

    This is not a mocktail, but since Aquarius is contrary, so is this drink. This is just a matcha latte–Aquarius likes buzzing around but they like being different, so here is an alternative, healing option other than coffee.

    Heat a little water. Pour it over ½ tsp (or less if you’re just starting with matcha) and whisk until it gets a little frothy–whisk in the shape of a W. Pour into a mug and put in maple syrup or honey, and then add a little more hot water. Top off with some oat milk or whatever milk you prefer, stir together, and sip!

    Aquarius Recipe:

    A great German recipe that can be shared, in true Aquarius fashion, is soup! Germans love a good leek soup and here’s a great recipe to try this cheese and leek soup.

    Photo credit: Where Is My Spoon



    About the AstrologerLacey Prpić Hedtke is an astrologer, photographer, public artist, and witch, and runs The Future–a space and shop in Minneapolis for artists and witches. You can find more at:






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