“Krampus Meets His Match” - The Krampus Book | Rare Dirndl
“Krampus Meets His Match” - The Krampus Book

“Krampus Meets His Match” - The Krampus Book

In addition to loving dirndls… I also LOVE the Legend of Krampus and in recent years his popularity in America has exploded. He has gone from a nobody to a celebrity! And I for one am all about it. In my attempt to spread my love of this scary Austrian holiday tradition, I’ve been collecting books and artwork about Krampus… and a lot of them are pretty gory. And for good reason, this guy is no joke! But at the same time, now that I have a kiddo of my own, I don’t really care to read him stories that are straight up gruesome.  

So how can I share the legend of Krampus with my son? I want to instill a healthy amount of fear, but not to the point of nightmares! (Mama needs her sleep.) Being the good momtrepreneur that I am, I thought to myself, “there’s got to be a better way!” And thus my newest creation was born. I co-authored a Krampus book of my own.

I collaborated with Mike Young (my uncle, awesomely dry humored englishman, & fellow Krampus enthusiast) to write and publish a hilariously dark yet feel-good story about Krampus... and now it can be in your YOUR HANDS too!! The artwork by Erminia Piu truly brings the story to life and I'm just so stinkin' proud of this paperback children's book.  

In this "children's" book, Krampus meets his match. This is the story of our beloved Krampus and the day he goes to Sandra's home to scare her into good behavior. However, he instead is greeted by her little sister Susi who is (much to Krampus's dismay) completely unafraid.

A look inside the Krampus Children's book: "Krampus Meets His Match"


I cannot wait to read this to my son. Below is a little look inside the book and if you'd like a new holiday classic to read to kids of all ages (even kids at heart)... then this is the book for you. No gruesome themes, just a slightly terrifying monster whose heart starts to melt for a sweet bubbly little 3 year old.

Want your own copy of the book? Click here to get it now!

Erika Neumayer

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