Every year the runways are full of fashion trends that trickle their way down to our closets and I have been keeping my eye on not only those fashions, but also what's going on in the dirndl fashion world. 

I’m seeing so many “dirndl blouses” in department stores like Target! There are some fun trends going on right now and here is how I predict they will make their way to Oktoberfest. 

1. Lace: Lace aprons and blouses have been in style for dirndls for a while, and they are not going away anytime soon! Keep rocking those beautiful beaded lace aprons and stretch lace blouses this year. 

    2. Vintage: Don’t be afraid to sneak a peek into your mom or oma’s dirndl closet this season. Try a few of those on and see if they fit (with permission of course). 60s & 70s vintage styles are all the rage for 2022 and I’m seeing a resurgence in folks rocking the ‘Oma Dirndl’ look too! Don’t have an Oma’s Dirndl Closet to snoop through? Not to fear, there are “vintage” inspired styles that fit right in with this trend too. 

    3. Sleek Black: Does black ever go out of style? Black on black on black is hot right now, but it’s about to get hot outside. This is going to be a great trend for fall/winter 2022. 

    4. Ruffles: Sleeve ruffles, neckline ruffles, petticoat ruffles, all the ruffles! If you have an affection for this girly style, now is the time to embrace it! 

    5. Peasant tops as blouses: Remember that flirty peasant crop top at the TJMaxx you saw and thought “well I wish that was longer, but it would make a cute dirndl blouse”. You bet your ass it would! Go back and snag it and try it with your dirndl. While these fluffy, cotton crop tops won’t be en vogue long, they will still make fun dirndl blouses for years to come.

    6. Pastels & Neutrals: Natural fibers and pastel colors are filling the racks right now. Blush, sage, champagne, periwinkle (the color of the year) indigo, browns… all colors that are on-trend for dirndls, and ready-to-wear alike. 

    7. Simplicity: Dirndls with all the ribbons and bows and lace and ruffles and bells and whistles are being replaced by simple styles with clean lines and poppin accessories. 

    What do you see happening in the fashion world that you think will make its way to dirndls?

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    May 29, 2022 — Erika Neumayer

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