Post Oktoberfest: How to Care for your Rare Dirndl | Rare Dirndl
Post Oktoberfest: How to Care for your Rare Dirndl

Post Oktoberfest: How to Care for your Rare Dirndl

The best part of Oktoberfest season is the food, drink, and wearing dirndls! The not-so-fun part when those things become one LOL.
The mustard dripping on your apron, that drunk guy behind you spilling his Jägermeister on your blouse and just that overall stale beer smell your dirndl has because you may or may not have sat in a puddle of Spaten Okotberfest. However, there is an easy way to solve this problem… a nice post festival dirndl cleaning.
You may be asking yourself: 
  • How do I clean my dirndl?
  • Is there a special way to wash a dirndl?
  • Can you put a dirndl in the washing machine?
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Caring for and cleaning your Dirndl is pretty simple and below is a quick overview of the cleaning instructions  for your dirndl. (and there will be a care label in the garment that explains how to clean it too).

Dirndl Care Basics & Best Practices

  • Check the care label
  • When spot cleaning use a wash cloth, gentle sponge and a mild detergent or oxygen based stain remover
  • For simple water stains, dip the whole garment in water!  
  • When washing delicate items in the washing machine use a mesh delicates bag.
  • Aprons are usually the first thing to get dirty.
  • Wash your dirndl when it's dirty or smells... too many washings will cause the fabrics to deteriorate and push stress on the seams. The less you have to wash it, the longer it will last. (Thats also a general clothing thing too.)


The Dirndl Blouse

The many Rare Dirndl blouses are a 65% cotton 35% polyester blend which is fabulous because you can toss it in the washer and dryer and it'll come out like a dream! We recommend washing them on a gentle cycle. The off-the-shoulder blouses are fine to put in the dryer, but the others, like the draped sleeve blouses, are best to air dry (but I've accidentally put it in the dryer on high and it turned out just fine.)
Lace blouses are more delicate and require more care. Hand washing or a delicate cycle in the washing machine is best followed by air drying. 

Bleach is very harsh on fabrics. Use at your own risk. As an alternative we recommend an oxygen based stain lifter and distilled white vinegar. 
Looking to get yellow pit stains out of your dirndl blouse? Then this blog post is for you >>

Dirndl Apron

Dirndl aprons are typically the first to acquire stains. Most Rare Dirndl aprons are machine washable, but be sure to check the care label. More delicate aprons made of lace are very trendy, and those will require a hand wash or spot cleaning. 

Beaded lace aprons should be laid flat to dry. 

The Dirndl

The best way to clean your dirndl is to have it dry cleaned or spot clean it yourself with a wet rag and detergent. The fabrics used to make the dirndls are typically machine washable. However, the handwork is delicate and the reason you don't really want to toss it in the washer. The trim may start to fray and the front hooks and hardware may start to come loose.

PRO TIP: Always empty your pockets and keep your chain and ribbons at home before taking your dirndl to the dry cleaners. 

The Everyday Dirndl is specially designed to be machine washable. Other dirndls such as the Little Black Dirndl can also be machine washed on a delicate cycle. We recommend line drying over machine tumble drying. 


Easy peasy… machine wash and dry.

Ironing your Dirndl: Best Practices

The number one thing to remember when ironing is that synthetic fibers like polyester will melt when the heat on the iron is too high. Cottons can be ironed at a high heat. Use the gauge on your iron to help with the heat level and... better lower heat then a melted dirndl. 


If you ever have any concerns about caring for your dirndl, you can either e-mail us or take it to the cleaners and ask their opinion. Or… just give it to Oma and give her a big hug… she'll probably take care of it for you ;-)

Ever wonder which dirndl style you are? Click here to take out quiz and find out now!

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As always, ideas and opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own. - Erika

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