At the beginning of this year, my assistant at the time, Sam, was occasionally listening to the Wine & Crime podcast while she was sewing in the studio and a few times I would catch a listen. When I eventually was able to listen to a full episode, I was hooked. These girls kept me laughing and as an avid watcher of Law & Order SVU, NCIS, CSI, Criminal Minds, etc… this true crime comedy podcast was right up my alley. I am well aware that this might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it sure is mine!

On a random whim, I sent them an email saying how much I enjoy their show and should they every find themselves in need of dirndls, I’m their gal. Much to my delight, I got a response… and even more excitingly, it read; “ OMG YES! WE WANT DIRNDLS!” – truly a reply I wasn’t expecting but was giddy to read and couldn’t wait to get started working on their custom ‘Wine & Crime’ dirndls to be worn at the 2018 CrimeCon in Nashville TN.

I started by getting out my markers and doing a group sketch of 3 dirndl styles that incorporated with the color story: black, white, red and turquoise. I wanted to keep the looks different for Kenyon, Lucy & Amanda… but at the same time, very cohesive as a group.    

For Kenyon, I went with black suede for the regal neckline bodice with turquoise piping, black poplin skirt, and red iridescent chiffon apron. The lace up front had both chain and turquoise ribbon and the hemline of the skirt was accented with white ribbon and black lace overlay.  

For Lucy, I thought the satin black and white stripe would be fun to pair with a black poplin bodice. The red piping matched the red ribbon lace up from and the turquoise vintage rayon crinkle apron was the perfect match the tie it all together. (for some reason these pics turned out blurry... 😑)  

And for Amanda, I went with a black satin bodice with white piping, white lace up front, turquoise skirt and then a fun black chiffon apron, but with a pop of red from the apron ties. Each dirndl was paired with a black Off-the-Shoulder Blouse with Gathers.  

After approval from the gals, it was time to compile fabrics and get to the cutting table. I made it a little extra special for each of them (like I do with custom dirndls), by adding a fun lining. Amanda got a Harry Potter inspired lining; Lucy got doughnuts (since I remember they were part of her bachelorette party brunch); and Kenyon got wine bottles and grapes… because after all, it is the Wine & Crime podcast!  

Another fun tidbit about this project was the promotional cards I designed. I knew if I simply provided them with business cards to handout to people, they would end up in the dreaded collection of ‘business cards you got at the convention that you hold on to for 9 months because you might need the info until your cleaning and decide you don’t need them anymore so you throw them out’. I wanted to make more of an impression and Sam came up with the genius idea to have coasters printed! So that’s what I did… custom wine themed dirndl coasters!  

I was super happy with how the dirndls turned out and I could not wait to see them on the gals. I also must say, every time they mentioned dirndls on the podcast, I felt famous haha! Hearing Lucy talk about she keeps checking the post office to see if they arrived was so awesome. 

THEY ARE INCREDIBLE!!! You went above and beyond with these!!! We are so thrilled and excited to wear them at CrimeCon and like every single event after that for the rest of time. They’re so well made and you are correct, they do increase confidence!

When the weekend of CrimeCon arrived I felt a little stalker-ish creeping on all the social medias to get a glimpse of Kenyon, Lucy and Amanda in their dirndls. It was even on the CrimeCon Instagram!  

The dirndls were a HIT!!!!! All the coasters are gone and we got a bazillion compliments! They were SO COMFY and we love them so much.

The gals of the Wine & Crime Podcast were a joy to work with and it was a lot of fun to create a group of dirndls that fit a specific color story and theme. You know what else was super fun?!?! Seeing them do a LIVE taping of their podcast here in Chicago! Sam and I donned Wine & Crime colored dirndls - I wore the Little Black Dirndl with a red apron, black blouse and turquoise lacings. Sam wore the In Bloom Dirndl with a silver apron, turquoise semi-circle skirt and red polka dot blouse. It was so lovely to meet these fabulous ladies in person.  

Ever wonder which dirndl style you are? Click here to take our quiz and find out now!  

October 15, 2018 — Erika Neumayer

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