At the beginning of the year, Layne decided that she was going to spend the year “In Bloom”… meaning she would wear her In Bloom Dirndl to every German event throughout the entire year, and never repeat a look. I thought this was a truly amazing challenge and I was honored to have been able to be a part of it and see all of her looks throughout the year.

After having worn her dirndl for the entire year Layne had this to say to recap her adventure:

Lessons from my year ‘In Bloom’

Color: My mother told me once I live my life in mourning, constantly wearing black. What can I say, I like dark colors, but with the in bloom I found that I could wear yellow, and pink, two colors I never wear. The vibrant colors look so good in contrast to the black. I was initially afraid to wear a printed apron, thinking it may be too much with the lace, but it was not the case. Big bright floral prints and even busy little pretzel prints work with this dirndl. Don’t be afraid to wear a color you usually don’t, thanks to this dress, I learned that I could wear a loud color and look great in it.     

Quick Changes: You can be a diva and have an outfit change in the middle of the day. Anyone who knows anything about me knows I am in no way shape or form, a diva. But in Cincinnati, I flipped the script two days in a row! I felt like Mariah Carey and her nail polish changes in the middle of a show. Midwest weather can be a bit tricky to navigate, but with a costume change you feel refreshed and ready to start the night.

Versatility: With 10 aprons, 10 blouses and 21 aprons (obvious apron addict here) I bet I could wear this dirndl for a solid 5 years without repeating a look. It’s so versatile it’s really the only one you will ever need.       

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Packing: I go to Chicago, a lot. And with the In Bloom I can pack what I need and it saves a bunch of space, even the petticoat can pack down to next to nothing in a carry-on. Travel with dirndls can be a hassle, worrying about wrinkles, not with the In Bloom.  

Petticoats: Foundation to an outfit is key, a petticoat can give you a just enough bounce in your dirndl. A little girly feeling without going overboard. I love how flirtatious a petticoat looks hanging out just a little at the bottom of the dirndl. I feel that a dirndl without a petticoat, is just a dirndl. A petticoat gives you that extra something, and a little more warmth in the winter.     

My Concerns:

When we first decided on this idea I thought, ‘well, color blocking is fun’, but then I realized I wanted more than just colors, I wanted prints too. I sent her an email that said “Hey! I need a wiener dog!” A week later I get a picture and email saying “Look how great this came out!!” Erika can take your idea and come back at you with something way better than you ever expected.

As much as I love this dirndl I had some concerns starting this journey....the lace skirt. I was worried that between drinking all the Slivo and the heavy jewelry I like to wear I was gonna rip the lace... amazingly I did not! The lace top skirt is pretty resilient.    

I was worried about the super delicate chain it comes with. Let me tell you ladies, I was not delicate with it. I pulled and pulled on it for a year and it held up. I was legit shocked the chain didn’t come apart at some point. It’s way stronger than it looks.

The In Bloom is great. I truly think Erika sprinkles a little magic in every one of them. Even though I may put it aside for a little while to wear other dirndls, the In Bloom is my favorite for sure. I’m open to any questions anyone may have about this dirndl and trust me, I won’t sugar coat my answers.

If you are in the market but hesitant about the price, don’t be. I was, I had to look at it for at least 8 months before I bought it. By far the best dirndl purchase I have ever made!

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April 17, 2018 — Erika Neumayer

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