Before heading out for the day near St. Louis MO, Amanda got all dolled up in her Periwinkle Everyday Dirndl with a whole bunch of matching accessories that brought out her personality and made her feel like an everyday princess.

Here is what she has to say about this dirndl:

Rare Dirndl offers an “Everyday Dirndl,” which has the same great structure and design as all of their dresses, but in a a solid color palette, where the apron matches the dress. There are also no hooks or ribbons on the front of the dress (although there is an option to add those for an additional fee), so at first glance, anyone who sees you out and about in your dirndl will think it’s a simple sundress…perfect for the first-time dirndl wearer!

Let's have a moment to appreciate how Amanda has styled her Everyday Dirndl. On the photo below, we see her wearing her dirndl with Crew Neck Modest Dirndl Blouse and a Petticoat which makes the outfit feminine and festive. To balance the look and make it more casual yet edgy, she chose these gorgeous grange boots and as a result, the whole outfit turned out cool and punky!

plus size blue dirndl for oktoberfest
plus size dirndl dress for oktoberfest

I'm so happy to see my beautiful customers styling Everyday Dirndls in their own way, and all these looks are unique and stylish! This is what the Everyday Dirndl is about - you can use it as a canvas to create your own outfit for almost any occasion!

Amanda also pointed out in her blog post that she appreciated the Everyday Dirndl being customizable, here is what she said on this matter:

The Everyday Dirndl is a made-to-order item, which means you have to be patient while it’s created, but that also means that it’s customizable which makes it feel even more one-of-a-kind! I’m looking forward to seeing what colors are available in the future, because you never know when you just need to add another dirndl to your closet!

Click the link below to see them all!


Ever wonder which dirndl style you are? Click here to take our quiz and find out now! 

April 19, 2023 — Erika Neumayer

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