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One Dirndl - Nine Ways to Wear It

One Dirndl - Nine Ways to Wear It

In a time in history where we unfortunately find ourselves with few events to wear our dirndls to, I’ve found joy in wearing my dirndl to everyday places and to do everyday things. Not only does it give me a reason to feel like I’m dressed up (and out of my sweatpants) but it also makes me happy!

The Everyday Dirndl is the perfect dirndl for this. It’s ease of design, washable fabric and monochromatic style make it ideal for doing everyday things. We are at a time in history where “athleisure” and “loungewear” are all the rage, but I say… let’s make dirndls all the rage! Here are some of our fabulous customers living their lives, doing everyday things in their dirndls.

Cheryl wore her dirndl with a comfortable long sleeve shirt & adorable green booties when she went out for dinner at Laschet’s Inn.

Christina (@happytowander) wore her dirndl with a keyhole blouse to brighten her mood at home. She said she felt like “Belle” from “Beauty and the Beast”! 

Victoria styled her dirndl with a white blouse and warm jacket for an afternoon walk in the park 

Ashley (@mywanderlustylife) wore her dirndl with a t-shirt blouse when she was celebrating her own Oktoberfest at home!

Cheyenne rang in the New Year with her new dirndl! She styled it with an elegant lace blouse, beaded headband and Edelweiss Necklace; the perfect outfit for sipping bubbly with her partner. 

Ingrid wore her dirndl with a comfortable long sleeve top, leggings and her house slippers. The ideal outfit for relaxing at home with a good book. 

Jenny got all dolled up to go apple picking with her daughter! (I think the shoes were more for the photo haha) 

I wore my dirndl when I took my kids to see sunflower fields. I wore it with a lacy t-shirt and boots and long socks.

Cathy styled her dirndl with tall black boots, a lace blouse, edelweiss scarf and her mask when she went out during the cold weather months. 

There you have it. One dirndl… but styled 9 different ways, for 9 different occasions and by 9 different fabulous women. How will you style your Everyday Dirndl? Do you have a more goth style? Or maybe you love vintage pin-up… or maybe you love glitz and glam! No matter what your personal style, you can make this dirndl work for you. 

Ever wonder which dirndl style you are? Click here to take our quiz and find out now! 


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