From Paris, Milan, & Berlin, to your closet... and Oktoberfest! Each and every year the runways are full of the newest in high fashion trends that eventually trickle down into our closets and I have been keeping an eye on not only those fashions, but also what's going on in the dirndl fashion world. A traditional outfit never really goes out of style, but there are definitely fabrics, styles and colors that come and go.

Let's start with what you typically see people wearing when it come to German Oktoberfest Clothing.

The Basics

Traditional Dress for Women

At Oktoberfest, it's common to see women dressed a traditional German outfit also know at a Dirndl dress. These dirndls come in a variety of colors and styles, often featuring intricate embroidery and lace-up bodices. A dirndl dress can be long or short and are worn underneath with a blouse underneath. Dirndl blouses are most often white or ivory and may have puffy sleeves or delicate detailing. Women often pair their dirndls with sturdy yet stylish ankle boots or traditional flats. Accessories like floral wreaths, decorative pins, traditional german jewelry, and crossbody bags are also popular choices to complete the look. Overall, the attire exudes a blend of tradition and modern flair, perfectly suited for celebrating at Oktoberfest in Munich.

These dresses can be purchased from an online store or in Munich. 

Traditional Dress for Men

Men most often wear traditional German Lederhosen. These leather shorts come in various shades of brown or black and are often paired with checkered or plain shirts in earthy tones like green or blue. To complete the look, men typically wear rustic suspenders, sturdy boots or shoes, and sometimes a traditional alpine hat or feathered cap. Accessories like a belt with intricate metalwork and a beer stein holder add to the traditional charm.

When not opting for the authentic lederhosen look, you will also see men wearing jeans with a trachten vest and or jacket for their oktoberfest outfits. This look is very chic and great to fit in with the festive atmosphere, perfectly suited for enjoying the festivities at Oktoberfest in Munich.

OK... now that we have that out of the way, let's look to the future. Currently, there's an exciting mix of playful colors and surprising twists taking shape. Here is what trends I anticipate will find their way onto the Wiesn' for 2024.

Oktoberfest Dirndl Trends & Blouses

Cap Sleeves & Ruffles

Cap sleeve dirndl blouses adorned with ruffles are set to be a standout trend for Oktoberfest attire. These blouses offer a charming and feminine touch, combining the classic elegance of traditional dirndls with modern flair.

This is also great for those hot summer festivals throughout the US. While you're making your beer tent reservation or planning a trip to German Fest Milwaukee, be sure to add a cape sleeve dirndl blouse to your packing list.

woman wearing a black cap sleeve dirndl blouse with a modern Dirndl at Oktoberfest

Earthy & Tapestry Motifs

We have seen florals as popular trend for dirndls of years, and its not going away, but it is changing a bit.

This year you'll see many more dirndl dresses adorned with earthy motifs and big tapestry vibes. These motifs draw inspiration from nature's rich palette, incorporating shades of forest green, terracotta, mustard yellow, and deep burgundy. Tapestry-like patterns featuring intricate floral designs, paisleys, and geometric elements add a touch of vintage charm and sophistication to dirndl dresses. 

You will find this trend making its way not only in the prints, but the fabric itself. Heavier weight fabrics like velvet, canvas & wool being used for the bodices are all the rage for a festival like Frühlingsfest or Oktoberfest in 2024. Definitely consider it for your Oktoberfest outfit this year. 

earth inspired dirndl apron with brown dirndl for oktoberfest 2024

Black & Bold Jewel Tones

Does black ever go out of style? No... but in addition to black, those deep luxurious jewel tones are hot on the runway and I predict it's going to be making a strong appearance to Oktoberfest this year. 

Classic tones like navy, burgundy, plum, forest & olive greens as well as dark orange and deep rose are great colors to wear this year. Especially for events in the fall. 

deep wine colored plus size dirndl perfect for oktoberfest 2024 trend

Light & Neutral Colors

On the opposite end of the beer tent, light and neutral color palette is very in style. Spring boarded by the 2024 Pantone Color of the Year, peach fuzz, these soft and delicate hues offer a romantic, feminine traditional touch to the dirndl dress (something Princess Therese would probably like). I anticipate seeing a variety of light shades, ranging from blush pink to soft lavender and baby blue, making it easy to find the perfect dirndl for any occasion.

These neutral colors are often paired with delicate lace or embroidery, adding to their charming and elegant aesthetic. While traditional attire in Bavaria are typically shades of red, blue and green... this year I think you'll find the beer tents full of very light and delicate dirndls. Whether the apron is a creamy blush or the entire dirndl is baby blue, pastels offer a versatile trend that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. And I don't see this trend going anywhere anytime soon.   

Woman with a plus size figure in a light gray Dirndl with a purple apron, and bow.


Bold Blouse Colors

Sheer yet bold blouse colors and fabrics are set to be a popular fashion trend for 2024. It adds a playful and alluring element to the look, allowing the wearer to show a hint of skin without being too revealing.

While traditional Bavarian blouse colors like white and ivory are not going anywhere, you will for sure be seeing more black, navy, maroon, green or even lavender blouses. Fabrics like lace, chiffon, georgette and swiss dot will absolutely find their place on the Theresienwiese this year. 

Woman wearing a navy dirndl blouse perfect for a traditional oktoberfest costume

Simplicity and Monochrome

Clean lines and monochromatic looks are set to be popular in fashion again this year. This trend features outfits with minimalistic designs and a focus on a single color, creating a sleek, plain and sophisticated look.

Designers are creating monochromatic outfits using a range of colors, from classic black and grey to more daring and bold hues such as bright red or royal. I see this playing a roll in traditional dirndls as well. Some folks are ditching the ruffles, ribbons and extravagant embellishments for a more understated and simple look.

This trend for keeping the dirndl bodice simple is great for those who want to get a few Oktoberfest 2024 souvenirs like a giant lebkuchen herz'l or wiesn gruppel!

Woman standing in a street wearing a light blue Dirndl, white blouse, light blue apron and iridescent doc Martin shoes


As sustainability continues to be a focus in fashion, eco-friendly dirndl options made from organic or recycled materials are gaining traction. Vintage and second-hand dirndls are also being sought after for their unique styles and sustainability appeal.


Upcoming Oktoberfest Trends in Dirndl Accessories

You don't want to show up to the beer festivals without the complete look! Don't forget about your accessories for your Oktoberfest 2023. From traditional knee socks to edgy chain charivaris, these are the trends I see for the upcoming year in Munich.

Headbands & Floral Crowns

Headbands are poised to make a bold statement at Oktoberfest this year, adding a touch of whimsy and flair to traditional Bavarian attire. These headbands come in a variety of styles, from floral embroidery to embellished bands adorned with beads, or pearls. They serve as both a practical accessory, keeping hair in place while your dancing, and a fashion statement, elevating dirndl ensembles.

Edelweiss Dirndl Top Knot Headband Accessories Rare Dirndl

Along with the trend of headbands flower crowns are going to be Munich go-to look this year.

Women in Bavaria began the tradition of wearing floral crowns at Oktoberfest during the early 19th century. They wore flowers in their hair as a symbol of their femininity and natural beauty. As the festival grew in popularity, the wearing of floral crowns also became more popular. Today, women of all ages and backgrounds can enjoy this trend. I love this trend and I don't see it going anywhere. 


Woman smiling with blonde hair, a blue floral crown and blue Dirndl in October


Statement Necklaces

When I say statement necklace... I mean either a big and bold statement, or a light and delicate one. Either way, I see necklaces being a major component of this years Oktoberfest dirndl looks. 

You can opt for a strong wooden heart with an edelweiss charm on it or a small pretzel on a gold chain. I LOVE mixing my everyday jewelry with my dirndl look and I am seeing more and more women opting to do this as well.

For 2024, we can anticipate the necklaces getting bigger as the seasons change, starting dainty in the spring and getting bolder as it get's colder. (who knew I was also a poet! LOL)

Very Small or Hands-free handbags

Carrying everything but the kitchen sink in your bag is OUT and the most impractical teeny tiny purses are IN. But... this trend is ideal for an event like Oktoberfest. They won't even let you into Oktoberfest in Munich with a big bag (especially a backpack). 

A small purse that attaches to your aprons (like our suede apron purse) or a little cross-body bag is ideal. So keep those trendy little heart shaped handbags handy! They are a fashion trend, and you can show it off at the Wiesn!

Woman in a dirndl with a suede apron purse. Great bag for Oktoberfest.

Hot Shoe Trends for Oktoberfest 2023

I don't see too much changing here. Ankle booties and flats will continue to dominate as the top Oktoberfest footwear, but here is what will be new and a bit far from traditional.

Woman with long brown hair, wearing a black Dirndl and white blouse in front of the rides at Oktoberfest


These are not Opa's shoes anymore! Chic loafers are so hot right now... and they're great for events like Oktoberfest where you don't want a high heel. For both men and women, I think you are going to be seeing all version of those shoe on the Theresienwiese this year.   


Last year I mentioned that sneakers were going to be HOT trend... and boy howdy was I right. Gen Z ain't messin' around with sore feet and I'm not mad about it! Last wear we saw all the classic brand's from Adidas, Nike, Converse and Vans being worn with Dirndls at Oktoberfest. I don't see this trend ending any time soon.

If you want to hop on this trend, just be sure they're clean and match your look. Nothing looks worse than a gorgeous dirndl with dirty dad-sneakers covered in mud, beer, mustard, or other parts of your meal.

woman in munich wearing a yellow dirndl at oktoberfest with a black dirndl blouse

What do you see happening in the fashion world that you think will make its way to dirndls? Do your everyday fashion choices influence your festival looks? However, you decide to style this traditional costume, be sure to have your Munich hotel reservation, check out the different Oktoberfest beer tents and have your dirndl ready! Oktoberfest 2024 is sure to be fire! (that's the trendy way to say awesome right?!)

Looking for more Dirndl Style tips & tricks? Click the link to get access to our official style guide! >>

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