Edelweiss Wrap Bracelet 6-pack

$79.00 $120.00


Product Details

Our most popular accessory has multiple uses... one of the being a Beer Stein Marker. By using an Edelweiss Wrap Bracelet to determine which beer is yours, you never have to fear that you are drinking a Stiegl with a hint of your bff's backwash. 

  • 6 different colored jersey knit wrap bracelets: Black/Grey, Red, White, Hot Pink, Royal Blue & Turquoise 
  • Large metal edelweiss focal piece on each bracelet
  • The stretch of the jersey fabric bracelet makes it comfortable for every size wrist... and every size stein!
  • They are not connected, so you can wear each bracelet separately, or share them with friends so they can mark their beers too!
  • Save over $40 with this 6-pack

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