Are you excited for Oktoberfest and looking for the perfect dirndl to wear? Look no further! Dirndls are a traditional Bavarian costume that consists of a blouse, full skirt, and an apron. Whether you want to buy one from Rare Dirndl or somewhere else there are a few important things to know so you can properly get dressed. If you've never worn a traditional German Dirndl before? No problem, we understand that not everyone wears a dirndl once, maybe twice a week like us… but in all honesty, there are a few things you should know.

girl in a green and pink dirndl with a cap sleeve dirndl blouse with a pink background

Here is a quick guide to getting dressed and ready for Oktoberfest in your Rare Dirndl!

Woman in yellow dirndl with black blouse

#1 Undies and Bra

First things first, you need to choose which undergarments to wear with your dirndl. While traditionally a corset is worn beneath the Dirndl it isn't necessary unless you would like to add some additional definition to your silhouette. Instead, opt for something comfortable such as a supportive bra and underwear that won't rub against your skin.

woman wearing a floral crown and a plus size dirndl dress at a local oktoberfest event

Whatever you do wear a good bra. It doesn’t need to be a push-up bra, but it does need to put the girls in the right place. You don’t want them all over the place or spilling out. For underwear, a classic pair of briefs is best and most comfortable, with no frills on your backside! Here’s our blog on the BEST undergarments to wear with a dirndl

Woman in black dirndl with white blouse at Oktoberfest

#2 Bloomers

The next step is to add bloomers. Bloomers give the dirndl a fluffy and full look, as well as making it more comfortable to wear. We have our own unique range of bloomers which come in either classic white or solid black. If you go for the traditional white, make sure they are the right length - no more than four inches above your knee!

If you plan on getting your polka on, bloomers are a wise choice. Not everyone is going to be looking up your skirt, but there are sure to be some wandering eyes and some judging Oma’s should your skirt go a-flyin… better safe than sorry.

Woman in pink dirndl with blue apron and white blouse.

#3 Dirndl Blouse

The dirndl blouse is the top layer of your traditional German dirndl. It usually has lacy details, fancy buttons and a nice bow around the neck. Depending on the style of your Oktoberfest dirndl, you can pick a short or long-sleeved blouse. If it’s warm during Oktoberfest, opt for a sleeveless one to keep you cool! Whether it is the classic off-the-shoulder, full puff-sleeve sweetheart dirndl blouse or our newest innovation the blouslette, that is what goes on next. (This step is not to be skipped!!!) 

Woman in white black off the shoulder blouse with black dirndl

Couple in traditional dirndl attire

#4 Dirndl

Most Rare Dirndls have a center front zipper, so throw it over your head (or step into it if you’re floor is “nice und putz”) and zip that baby up. Some sucking it in may apply, but better to have a nice tight fit than a loosey-goosey dirndl.

Two women in dirndls from Rare Dirndl

Once you have your dirndl on, adjust the skirt so it sits low on your waist and falls in a natural A-line shape or as close to an A-line shape as possible. Then cross the 2 pieces of fabric over each other at the front and tie them into a bow. 

Make sure the bow is tight so you don’t have any gapping at the back when you bend over.

#5 Lace Up Front

If your traditional Bavarian dirndl has a lace up front, you’ll most likely find the corresponding ribbon and/or chain in the pocket (yes… there’s a pocket!) Start by putting the ribbon or chain trough the top to hooks and then crisscross and go down from there and tie it in a bow (or knot if its chain) at the bottom. Not sure how to lace up your dirndl? Check out this blog

Couple in traditional German attire with beers

#6 Apron

The final touch is the dirndl apron (unless your dirndl comes with a belt in which case, just put on the belt). The apron gets tied at the natural waist, covering the seam. You can either tie the apron in a bow in the back or bring the ties around the front and tie it in a bow. Put the bow on the left side if you are single and on the right side if you’re married.

 Woman in black dirndl with purple apron and bavarian hat

#7 Accessorize!

Last but not least, accessorize your look! Whether you go for a classic dirndl hat or a floral crown, an edelweiss necklace or feather earrings – it’s time to show off your style! To complete the look add the right dirndl accessories to your fit.

Woman in flower crown 

Edelweiss dirndl apron purse

woman in black dirndl and black blouse holding a beer

And there you have it the basic guide to getting dressed in your Oktoberfest dirndl. You are ready to hit the beer tents and enjoy the festivities of Oktoberfest in your Rare Dirndl! Prost! Be sure to post pictures of you in your über chic dirndl on Instagram or Facebook using #RareDirndl and stop reading this and go have fun! Girls in dirndls always have more fun! 🍻😊

Two women in dirndl dresses

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August 26, 2015 — Erika Neumayer

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